Vocal Improvisation Workshop

For singers & musicians who want to delve into vocal improvisation and come out inspired. Explore melody and harmony through the amazing vehicle of vocal improvisation. In a comfortable space, Ariella facilitates numerous exercises that allow the group to co-create music beyond genre.  This experience is tailored to the level of the group (beginners to advanced musicians/singers) and is guaranteed to enhance and inspire participants’ writing, performing, and artistry.

Vocal Empowerment Workshop

For all who want to gain confidence in their singing voices and empower their speaking voices, we will explore melody and harmony through song, and through the amazing vehicle of vocal improvisation. In a comfortable and facilitated workshop, participants will be given the opportunity to access their creativity and imagination, and alleviate any symptoms of nervousness or self-doubt.

Soul Singing Circle

Getting down to the “Soul” of music. Leave all the technicalities at the door or even farther away, what do you feel in this moment? Can you, in a comfortable and safe space, vocalize it? Sing it? Not only are these circles transformational, but you don’t even realize you’re being transformed until you’re done. Who attends a Soul Singing Circle? Everyone from the business mogul to the spiritual seeker.

Vocal Improvisation Workshop:

Vocal Improvisation Clips:

Soul Singing: What is Soul Singing?

Vocal Improvisation:  A Voicestra