The Real Truth – Vulnerability Sells



Well, it sells!  

And if you have a product, a performance or simply a message to share, you need to sell it.

The burning questions those who perform or present ask, are:
-HOW do I light up my audience?
-How do I keep listeners on the edges of their seats, engage them deeply, and sell my stuff to them?

To answer, imagine two well-trained performers:

Performer #1 has perfect technique upon a beautiful stage with expensive lighting.  She’s prepared and flawless.  And she rocks her show.

Performer #2 makes a few mistakes, but her performance still goes well.  She shares insights with a sparkle in her eye, flushed cheeks when she feels embarrassed, and an overall true passion for performing.

While performer #1 puts on a show we all aspire to create, and gathers a bunch of new fans, performer #2 leaves her audience touched, and receives a standing ovation with everyone wanting to support her, buy her products and see her perform again as soon as possible.

So, what is the one thing that makes people feel connect with you, and that makes them want to spend their time with you and hard-earned dollars on you?

It’s simple:  It’s the authenticity you show, and your willingness to be vulnerable.

The more REAL and AUTHENTIC you are, no matter what emotion you show on your face or topic you present, the deeper your audience will connect with you.  (Click to Tweet)

Take a look at this beautiful exhibit of VULNERABILITY that captures the hearts of audiences, who, without much explination, are touched.

Famed performance artist Mariana Abramović shared a minute of silence with each stranger who sat in front of her at her 2010 MoMa retrospective ‘The Artist Is Present.’

FIRST, watch the video:









NOW, read the back story:  Marina Abramovic and Ulay started an intense love story in the 70s, performing art out of the van they lived in. When they felt the relationship had run its course, they decided to walk the Great Wall of China, each from one end, meeting for one last big hug in the middle and never seeing each other again. Ulay arrived at MoMa without her knowing and this is what happened. (story credit)

The video became alive for me the moment Mariana’s ex-lover looked into her eyes.
Emotions were evoked, and everyone knew they were witnessing something true.  

It is the raw moments – when we make a mistake, when our voice cracks, or when we, without putting up personal walls, tell our audience a personal truth – that they experience transformation.  (Click to Tweet)

Whether you’re educating someone about nutrition, or sharing your new song; whether your selling a corporate executive on a new concept or taking your client to that next level, it is your transparent authenticity that draws them in, and makes them desire to become a better person.

When have you best connected with your audience and clientele?
And what changes are you going to make today that will make you a better performer, speaker or presenter?

Please answer in the space below.

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