Voice Teacher Referrals

Here’s a short list of voice teachers Ariella highly endorses, for candidates who want specific vocal training. If you decide to work with one of these instructors, please tell them Ariella referred you. Enjoy your vocal study!


Arlys Alford – Rock, pop, R&B, classical + many more vocal styles.

unnamedOur voice is the most personal expression we can share. I feel very passionate about helping others create a personalized ‘toolkit’ of exercises designed to promote proper posture, ease of breath support and help guide the vocal explorer in developing their most perfect resonance and pitch control. The end result is the ability to sing, speak, stand and move with relaxed authenticity by encouraging a calmly energized physical demeanor which increases confidence.  My foundation is bel canto technique; to expand range, create full tone, sing with ease & power, build breath support & learn to maintain vocal health. Additionally, we shape the vowel sound to change the ‘color’, to produce a rock, pop, R&B, classical or legit style.

I’ve taught voice for 18 years, backed by a lifetime of performing; twelve years of private vocal studies & twelve years of living and working in Los Angeles, CA.

E-mail: Arlys@arlys.net

Emily Colay – Classical, rock, Jazz, world music + many more vocal styles.

EmilyEmily Colay has enjoyed a 25+year career as a professional singer, choral conductor, vocal coach, and songwriter.  She specializes in working with youth, ages 3 and up.  Classically-trained in the Bel Canto style of singing, Emily had the unique opportunity to travel the country with artisan parents, performing as a gypsy singer and dancer since she was 14 years old.  She graduated from the MN Center for Arts Education, where she more fully developed her songwriting abilities.  She has performed with countless musicians and performance companies, crossing all genres, from rock to jazz to world music and beyond.  This diverse upbringing has become the foundation from which she teaches voice today.

Emily‘s philosophy is to highlight the individual characteristics of each singer’s voice – as unique as their own fingerprints.  She builds vast repertoires of music for each student, encouraging their personal exploration of musical genres, languages, vocal technique and styles.  She also helps the budding singer to understand basic concepts in music theory, music history, sight-reading and songwriting.

Emily utilizes her teaching opportunities to build each student’s self-confidence and sense of power, while also nurturing qualities of self-love and self-acceptance.  Through the language of music, she journeys with her students on a path of artistry, dignity, beauty and grace.

Emily serves as Vocal Music Director at Heartbeat Performing Arts Center in Apple Valley, where she conducts 4 choirs, offers 2 early education music classes, and teaches private lessons.  She also offers lessons out of her home in South Minneapolis.

Email: emilyhtbt@gmail.com