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Vocal Empowerment Coaching



Ariella’s Vocal Empowerment Coaching goes far beyond technique, though it’s included.

In order to share your radiant presence in front an audience, an office, and in life – from a heart-centered and grounded place – we must first uncover the thought-patterns and emotional blocks that feed low self-confidence and anxiety (which everyone has to some degree).

Ariella acts as your personal Vocal + Life Empowerment Coach.

As you speak or sing, she intuits what’s been holding you back, in addition to your innate strengths that you haven’t fully expressed or honored yet in your lifetime. The work is both logical and mystical, depending on what comes forth in each session. She then gives you fun and experiential result-oriented exercises to create and experience the growth you desire. Simultaneously, you’re provided with a soft and safe space to try new things, so that you can truly uncover your authentic voice and self.

People at every level of experience find this work powerful, expansive, and transformational.



» Develop true inner & outer confidence
» Understand your innate vocal intuition & talent
» Technique: Expand range, projection, breath control, enunciation, etc.
» Strengthen your physical voice
» Prepare for auditions & shows
» Hone your powerful stage and life presence
» Performance & career coaching


» Dive In Package (4 weeks)
» Immersion Package (6 weeks)
» Transformation Package (8 weeks)

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