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Ariella Vocal Warm Up Essentials CD

Prepare your body and mind to perform and present
to all audiences, from the concert stage to the conference room.

Download Vocal Warm-Up Essentials for Singers and Speakers.

Now with new Bonus Track, “Pep Talk.”

Ariella’s WarmUps are fabulous! They are creative, simple, clear, and very effective.  I increased my confidence from doing these exercises at home while also being in Ariella’s choir.  Highly recommended. A++
Julie Ann Segal, Entrepreneur, Interior Designer, Artist

Use this collection of traditional and ground-breaking vocal exercises to improve:

  • Breath support, vocal strength and stamina
  • Posture and alignment
  • Articulation and enunciation
  • Vocal flexibility and intuition
  • Confidence and vocal knowledge

I would recommend the “Ariella Approach” to anyone looking to learn more about their voice, whether your journey is personal or professional… Or maybe both like mine!!

Miki, Corporate President

Powerful. Expansive. Transformational.

I am a singer/songwriter and found Ariella’s “Vocal WarmUp Essentials” to be invaluable to me. After only been short time with them, I have noticed improvements in my vocal range and strength. They are fun and easy to follow. I especially like the exercises where she encourages us to try some improvisation. In doing so, it has allowed me to become more connected and comfortable with my voice while allowing me to define my own style. The warm ups are definitely a worthy purchase!”

Laurie Potter, Singer/Songwriter

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Download Vocal Warm Up Essentials for Singers and Speakers today.

I started working with Ariella to improve my ability to be heard in social situations and to have a confident voice for dating. I was expecting to get some vocal exercises to practice – and I did – but what I got in addition was much more.  . . She also helped me listen to my inner voice and have the courage to speak its truth. I would recommend working with Ariella to anyone who is ready to express their true selves in the world.

Eric N.

Gain Presence. Be Unstoppable.

Since I started studying with her, I continue to be amazed by the many great changes happening within myself, as well as in the sound and attitudes of my choirs.
Shannon M, Middle and High School Choir Teacher

Your copy of Vocal WarmUp Essentials will include the new Bonus Track, “Pep Talk,” which offers exclusive and uplifting encouragement directly from Ariella herself. 

Ready to find out more?

Download Vocal Warm Up Essentials for Singers and Speakers today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Vocal Warm Up Essentials?

Vocal Warm Up Essentials are a combination of traditional and unique vocal exercises used to build, strengthen and refresh your voice. The are great for speakers and singers alike.

Who is the creator of Vocal Warm Up Essentials?

The creator of Vocal Warm Up Essentials is Ariella Forstein, a World Music Songstress who has performed on over 400 stages. For more on her approach, visit here.

What does it contain?

This audio program contains 25 tracks of vocal training and instruction which can be downloaded for your personal use onto your computer, and a new Bonus Track, called “Pep Talk.”

Do you need prior experience to use this program?

No. This program is perfect for all levels from beginner to professional.

How does it work?

You will be able to immediately download the file(s) directly to your computer for your personal use. Once you’ve downloaded the files, you can add them to your phone, tablet or other mp3 player for easy access.

How do I get the files onto my other devices?

You can either download one zip file that contains all the files or each file individually. If you choose to download the zip file, you’ll need to unzip the file before use.

Your computer likely has a system built in but, if needed, you can download a free program such as winzip for PC or iZip for Mac. iTunes is a great way to store your files, once you’ve downloaded them, and access them through any device connected to your iTunes account.

As a baseball radio broadcaster, my voice is my livelihood. Ariella and I focused our work primarily on breathing. She has terrific insight into how to use your diaphragm when speaking in a public setting. After working with her, I feel confident and vocally prepared for a 162 game season.
Cory Provus

Ready to find out more?

Download Vocal Warm Up Essentials for Singers and Speakers today.