Vocal Concierge Sessions

Vocal Concierge Sessions


Uncover and heal your self-imposed limitations...


Are you blocked in any area of self-expression? 

I'm an intuitive Vocal Empowerment Coach with clairaudient abilities, meaning, when I hear you speak about your vocal, self-expression, and life woes, I can hear and feel where you're blocked.  I then tap into your innate abilities to heal, and we discuss both vocal/performance techniques, and more prominently (they always are) the clearest pathways to lovingly remove your current roadblocks from your experience, so that you can let your expressed voice & self, soar.  


Session Details

This session is 50-70 minutes via phone.  You share your current life-scenario and any issues around which you desire to experience healing.  Then, I tune into your Soul's voice, and channel its clarity, wisdom and insight, supported by my knowledge-base of exercises and practices.  We co-create a roadmap that leads you to the transformation of your expressed voice & self, and thus, your life- that you're seeking.  

From the Comfort of Your Home

These sessions are experienced via phone (or Skype if you or I are outside of the U.S.).  You may record your sessions if you’d like.

Inquire with us:

Email us at:  info@ariellaapproach.com 
Or Call us at:  612.568.6526


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