TransVoice: A Voice Work and Empowerment Circle


My name is Ariella, and I’m a Vocal Empowerment Coach.

This circle was inspired by a number of inquiries by trans women and men, and non-binary folks, who are in process of working on the development of the newer sounds of their voices as a part of their self-expression.

I’ve teamed up with Christine Kerno, MSW, LICSW, as my peer co-leader, and who is helping me share the circle beyond my networks, to co-create a place of support for voice-work and growth in self-expression.

As our circle grows, we’ll have more to share on this page.  We’re offering this circle once per month, but if there’s more demand, we’ll open up more evenings for this.

We are excited to welcome you to the circle.

~Ariella Forstein, Cis Woman & Christine Kerno, Trans Woman


When: 2nd Thursdays, 7:30-9pm

Where: The Ariella Approach Studio for Vocal Empowerment

3249 Hennepin Ave. Suite 70
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Building & parking navigation:

Give yourself an extra 5-7 minutes to find street parking.

Enter the building either in front on the left (if it seems like the door is locked, just press down the lever), or on the side door on 33rd.  Suite 70 is in the basement, so simply walk down stairs and walk until you reach it.  If you are going to be more than 5 mins. late, please send us a text at:  612.568.6526

Cost: $25

No one turned away for lack of funds.
If you need to work something out, contact us.


April 9th, 2020 –Get Tickets

Example of a Circle:

  • Intro’s- names, pronouns, etc.
  • Ariella’s Intro. Teaching
  • Group WarmUp Vocal Exercises (no one put on spot, unless wanting to volunteer)
  • Interactive part- Group Questions & Ariella’s One-on-one coaching as desired, from which group learns…
  • Closing- Sharing your goal for the day, week, OR month+Time to schmooze for a bit before we go home for the evenin’.