Top 10 Reasons Being an Entrepreneur Rocks


I love being an Entrepreneur!

Not only has mainstream news declared that Entrepreneurs will likely get us out of this economic mess, but it’s pretty clear that we’ll inspire & make the world a better place in the process!

How’s that for awesomeness in business?

Entrepreneurs come in all different styles….

If you create or sell anything (artist, musician, photographer, writer, speaker, agent of change, etc.) – even if it’s a persona or message – you, by default, are an Entrepreneur.

It isn’t always an easy thing to PAVE THE WAY….

You’re constantly digging up roots and put down new ones.
So, here’s a reminder as to WHY we’re doing this work:

May you be inspired to move forward as the innovative thinker & doer you are! 

Top 10 Reasons Being an Entrepreneur Rocks:

1)  You make the “impossible,” possible on a daily basis.
2)  You can play as small or as big as you want.  The only limits you experience are those   you set for yourself.
3)  Whether you’re a Massage Therapist or an Executive Business Coach, you touch   people’s lives.
4)  You are your own boss, therefore, along with the perks comes the responsibility, which keeps you on your toes, right?
5)  You learn to be brave, bold, and persistent.  It’s part of the work.
6)  You have the honor of being an agent of change in this crazy world.
7)  Once you master one level of marketing, there’s always another one, which keeps you always learning.  Rock on!
8)  You don’t ever, ever feel like you’re wasting your life away at a dead end job.
9)  You get to write books and create products that help and inspire people who invest in themselves by buying them!
10)  You absolutely do affect people when you share your message.  Think of all those wonderful ideas many people let slide.  But you, you change the world simply by taking action.  Thank you!

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