The VOICE: Opportunity Knocks

4 of my Vocal Empowerment Clients are getting ready to audition for NBC’s “The Voice.”

They are going to ROCK their auditions!

A side note:
I’ve normally disliked reality singing TV shows because they act like they are the only authority on judging “good” and “bad” singing.  In the process they belittle the contestants, all the while, asking us to idolize the winners.  Oy!

I was pleasantly surprised with “The Voice,” however. The judges are (mostly) knowledgeable, encouraging, empowering, and at times, almost too nice!

So when my clients came to me with popular songs they desired to sing, a big dream, and an audition time slot, I was enthused to help them!  They each worked really hard on technique, performance, and developing the inner strength to believe in themselves.

They have blown me away.
Auditions are in just a few days, and they are ready.

Not only am I excited for their potential placement on International TV, but also I’m thrilled with their stepping FAR outside of their comfort zones and “going for it.”

One client said:
“I can’t believe 2 months have passed and how much I’ve learned. It’s real, and I’m going in!”
Before this audition, she only sang at Karaoke bars.

I’ve also had the honor of coaching husband and wife group, I,STAR.  They came to me already with so much experience and talent, and it has felt so good to witness them both move to the tiptoe top of their game, practically overnight.

If you ever think that you can’t change for the better – vocally, or in any part of life – I will tell you now:

You’re wrong.

In my coaching and personal life, I see it clearly, and almost daily.
I am so impressed with the people around me transforming when they set an intention, and then doing the work to accomplish it.

1. Set a goal
2. Do the work to get there
3. Believe in themselves (even when it was hard!)
4. And feel pride plus reward in seeing the fruits of their labor

No matter what happens with their auditions, I can confidently say that my peeps have mastered the songs they’re presenting, improved their technique and stage presence, and boosted their confidence immensely.  And I’ve gotten to witness the entire process.  LUCKY ME!

Friends, really anything is possible!

YOU: What would you like to improve?
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