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Miki, Corporate President

Working with Ariella in both my personal and professional journey was a wonderful experience. I found that Ariella truly cares about her clients and creates a unique program to help them each achieve their desired goals! She brings results through teaching the use of mind, body and soul. I stepped out if my comfort zone to learn new things. I believe my biggest ‘ah ha’ was learning how much my brain holds me back from speaking or singing in the way I desire – not my voice!!

I really appreciated the fact that we could have our sessions via Skype. With my hectic personal and professional life this was a huge time saver. And the weekly “Fun Work” was truly fun!

I would recommend the “Ariella Approach” to anyone looking to learn more about their voice, whether your journey is personal or professional… Or maybe both like mine!!

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Eric N.

I started working with Ariella to improve my ability to be heard in social situations and to have a confident voice for dating. I was expecting to get some vocal exercises to practice – and I did – but what I got in addition was much more. Through practices that initially seemed to have little to do with the voice I slowly became more confident expressing the real me. She also helped me listen to my inner voice and have the courage to speak its truth. I would recommend working with Ariella to anyone who is ready to express their true selves in the world. 

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Shannon M., Middle and High School Choir Teacher

As a choir teacher in a local school district, I am always looking for new ways to improve my craft. It was no coincidence that I stumbled upon Ariella’s website one night during my second year of teaching while stressing about the pressures of my new position. Since I started studying with her, I continue to be amazed by the many great changes happening within myself, as well as in the sound and attitudes of my choirs.

Working with Ariella has not only helped me to become a more confident
musician and teacher, but it has literally transformed my life. Having earned both Bachelors and Masters degrees in the field of music education, I have studied with several excellent voice teachers over the years; however, none can even compare to Ariella and the work she does. She is the only voice teacher I have encountered that goes well beyond the physical voice—she takes a fully body approach to singing and thoroughly explores the mental and spiritual components as well. Her philosophies and guidance towards uncovering and embracing our own unique, authentic voices are beyond empowering, and I can only hope that I am able impact the lives of my students the way she has impacted mine. Ariella, I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me.

Not only are you an exceptional teacher, musician, and life coach, but you have also become a dear friend that will forever be a part of my life.


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Val Salley, Regional Membership Coordinator, visual team for City of Lakes Chorus

I really enjoyed what Ariella had to say and share with us. Her energy was calming and confident and she introduced some concepts from a different perspective other than the SAI culture; i.e., the vocal improvisation techniques and leadership. She had good thoughts on communicating, marketing, and some of our other challenges.

She instilled in us the concept of ‘risking and failing’ as all part of the ‘practice’ of what we do as leaders…and that all of those experiences are ‘learning’ opportunities for us.

I loved her techniques with the guided relaxation she did with us. I personally have been wanting to do that with choruses as a way to unify the energy of everyone on the risers. I loved her technique of bringing the energy back up after the relaxation with arm movements involving breath.

So, I really enjoyed meeting her and being a part of the kooky vocal improv stuff, too! Women come to our choruses to not only sing but to also ‘express’ themselves…that’s just implied when you say you want to sing, right?….so, for me, I think the vocal improv stuff is an extension of expression and people can connect with it….given some chances at it!

I appreciated the chance to be a part of this and felt it gave me new concepts/tools to think about.


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Diane Lockard, Regional Faculty, Sweet Adeline’s

I can only say WOW!  I loved her presentation. I thought it was to the point and helpful on an issue that affects almost all or all of our members (stage fright). The musical exercises that she did with us are great tools for chorus retreats or music schools.


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