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Getting Past Anxiety

Disclaimer:  This is not medical treatment for anxiety, but an approach to take when your anxiety is not severe.  If your anxiety inhibits your ability to function, or if you have an extreme medical concern, seek treatment from a medical professional right away. Anxiety is a gift.                  […]

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Life, Death, Sheep & Business

I recently visited Joan Ellison, The Shepherdess, and her husband Dave, The Shepherd + ER Doc, in Northern Minnesota during lambing season.  These lovely people are aunt & uncle to my dear friend, Jared.   We saw a number of lambs birthed with the mothers licking and talking to the lambs directly after; all of us […]

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I Dreamed A Dream…

Do you have a dream?  One that you’re working your whole life to accomplish? Well, friends, the platform from which you will achieve your dreams is not structured on how deeply you want it, or your so called, “technique” – though those things are quite necessary to get there. But a platform built upon groundedness […]

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