Spring Cleanse (for your Voice)!

Hello Dear Ones,

Blessed Spring! 

I’ve been thinking about what the change of seasons means for our bodies.

It’s often important to shift from the heavy eating we do in the winter months, to keep warm + nourished, and start to eat lighter foods, as there are more hours of light and we get nourishment from the sun.

Less heavy foods create openings in our body pathways:  our bloodstream, our arteries, our lymph system (+ intercellular fluid), etc.

Some people do cleanses, and my body is feeling called in that direction. Nothing extreme. Just adding in some liver-nourishing herbs such as dandelion, beetroot, and milk thistle, and eating lighter.

Some of you didn’t know I’m a hobby herbalist and holistic healing biohacking leaning person, did you? 😉

And — I was thinking just as heavy foods accumulate over winter, so do:

heavy emotions. 

When they hover or stagnate within, they get in the way not only of our feeling good, but of our ability to experience the freedom of authentic self-expression.  There may also be a need for emotional clearing and detoxification, to healthily release built up anger, grief, fear, resentment, frustration, etc., at this time of year —> when the sun shines light on all that’s built up…

Especially during such a truly intense + dense time on Planet Earth.

I’ve always felt it’s important for each of us to shine our unique lights.
Collectively, it makes it easier to 

And, releasing stuck emotions is one of the integral pathways to shining + seeing.

One of the many things I offer in Vocal Empowerment + Holistic Voice Coaching, is just that; helping you pinpoint, safely feel, and release stuck inner spaces, so you can let your light shine through so much more freely.

In honor of Spring – and I love seeing the Tulips burst forth from recently snowy earth here in Colorado – I’m offering a sale on my sessions and packages to those who read this!


Spring Sale on different options:
-1 session
-4-week pkg
-2 hr. immersion w/ 30 min. follow up

Returning clients, talk to me abt. my “returning client rates”
(applicable to most sessions).

Sessions are an hour, and can run over.
With accountability in between, and lots of care.

I see a limited number of in-person clients in our studio just north of Boulder, CO.
And of course, internationally, via Zoom & phone!

If you’d like to book sessions, or a free client consultation, CONTACT US.
Mention this Blog for a the Spring discount (15-20% off), anytime before mid-May 2024.

And in whatever way/shape/form you cleanse/release/let the light in, I want you to know that: