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Shamanic Sound Healing



Shamanic Sound Healing Journey

Are you feeling a lack of connection between your mind/body/spirit?
Are you blocked in one or more areas of your life?
Maybe you're simply desiring a shamanic journey to help guide you on your path. 

It's been a lot for all of us the past year and a half.  
The world changed entirely. 
And will continue to change. 

Do you desire to be held in a clear container for healing and sacred support? 
Do you need help moving stuck energy, or is a part of your mind-body-spirit ever-stuck? 

This healing session takes you on a journey between time and space, and combines energy work, talking through things, sound energetics and balancing +++, and enables YOU to make sound and aural expression that has been stuck in your throat, or throughout your body for eons... if/when you're ready.

We'll access your multi-dimensional self, calling forth your ancient Soul, awakening your voice, self, mind, body and Truth.

These sessions (1.5-2 hours) are experienced in person in Minneapolis.  We are currently taking temperatures, wearing masks, and rescheduling if either one of us feels off.  However, if you’re out of state, or want a distance session, that's available too!  You may book a phone session, after which Ariella will record and send you a personalized vocal healing song and do a distance energy healing session.


"Ariella is the medicine woman I turn to when I need to remember my own strength and be called back to the Love at the heart of life. Ariella used her exquisite voice, drumming, and intuitive touch to transport me into a place of heavenly softness and peace. I came to Ariella in the midst of a fierce feminine initiation, carrying grief, fear, and heartbreak: Ariella listened deeply, showed me beauty, and prayed over me with supreme grace and wisdom. Ariella's otherworldly voice and hypnotic drumming guided me into a profound meditative healing world, a home-place I can best describe as the sanctuary layer of reality. I left our session feeling cradled in the strong arms of a thousand mothers and sisters, at peace with my past and ready for the next spiral of my journey. I'd especially recommend Ariella's healing work for anyone at a significant threshold in life, be it loss, new love, spiritual awakening, discovering your calling, or any other big change. Ariella can help you renew your strength and leap into the mystery with courage."

Opal McCarthy

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