I Dreamed A Dream…

Do you have a dream?  
One that you’re working your whole life to accomplish?

Well, friends, the platform from which you will achieve your dreams is not structured on how deeply you want it, or your so called, “technique” – though those things are quite necessary to get there.

But a platform built upon groundedness will not waiver; it will enable you to go vastly beyond your wildest dreams. (clickto tweet)


Since I was 13 I’ve had a very specific dream, which I realized did not come true last week when my 31 years came full-circle as I wept along to the emotionally driven, beautifully captured story of pain, suffering, and human connection that is “Les Miserables,” the movie. 

When I first heard the music at age 13, I fell in love with the role of Fantine….

I acted out her death scene alone in my bedroom often (typical 13 year old behavior, no?).
Knowing I wanted to be a singer since I can remember, she was my dream role.

So I studied music, theatre and many aspects of performing.  I toured nationally with world-class musicians and directed my own ensemble.  And then I built a business to teach others what I have learned; to sing and speak authentically.

And, I lived in L.A. where I was convinced that if I worked hard enough, my dream would come true.

And after 9 years in that city, I felt a strong urge to move back to my roots, to begin anew, which did not make sense to me because my ego was convinced that to “make it” (and boy did I want to make it), I had to be in L.A!

After years of networking and “paying my dues” I met well-connected – Grammy winning – producers and recorded ridiculously awesome music with them. 

Upon relocating to the wintry tundra of Minnesota, I got quiet.  Maybe it was the cold, or maybe it was a new period of my life, but I didn’t have a song to sing.

So as I sat in the theatre listening to this music that’s moved me for almost 20 years…

I expected to feel jealous to not be on the screen giving the performance of MY lifetime.

Instead, I felt utter fulfillment and joy.

I have created a life so rich that is one of ingenuity, passion and adventure. But even more revealing, I’ve created an inner world of self-growth, where I ‘go inside’ and sit with my silent center and the calm presence that IS.

I feel a richness that is internal, and a success that is infinite.  (click to tweet)

This enables me to approach life with bright eyes.
To know I’ve already succeeded and surpassed my wildest dreams.

But here is a secret that many people don’t know:  

The MOMENT is the dream.  And we are living it right now.  (click to tweet)

So you say then, but what about striving for what you want?  
What about creating your reality?

It is about finding that healthy balance between striving, doing, dreaming, and sitting still, feeling the calm within.  (click to tweet)  

The KICKER in all this, is that just last week I signed my first contract for my voice to be heard in film, and that seeds I planted in L.A. five years ago are just coming to fruition now!

How amazing:  To be FULL before dreams come true, so that when they do, I do not feel fulfillment, but rather simply, joy! (click to tweet)

Dreams breed dreams, and I’ll never stop dreaming.  And hope you won’t either.

But it is not the fulfillment of these dreams that make life worth living.

When I work with clients, we work on self-love and self-respect in addition to technique and strategy.  Because if you don’t have positive sense of self, don’t even think of accomplishing your dreams.  And if you somehow do, the experience will only feed your need to succeed, rather than embellish your life with added joy! 

Back to Les Miserables:  Lucky for me, Anne Hathaway as Fantine was not only outstanding in her acting and singing, but she evoked a powerful truth about love, life and the human condition. She deserved the Golden Globe she received, and we’ll see about the Oscars.  

Perhaps one day soon I’ll see her there…..  

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Let me know in the comment box below, what is your big dream?  
And how is your current moment a dream?