How to Get Unstuck

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Do you feel stuck now, or recently?

It’s common.

How does it happen?

We’re going along with our lives creating art, music, writing, business material, or simply implementing ideas into our wildly interesting life, and then… boom!  

We come to a halt.

And are utterly, totally stuck.

It’s suddenly tough to produce things the way we’ve been doing it for months or years.

 I feel you.  Believe me, I do.

In my own time of being stuck, I realized something very uplifting; something that saved me headache, worry, and fear… and eased my mind.

Beautiful truths about being stuck:

1.  We often feel stuck when something very powerful is being created within us.

2.  We often feel stuck when we’ve outgrown our former method of creating… the creative soul within us has expanded, and therefore, the method with which we share our talents with the world must also expand. 

3.  We’re actually in the process of giving birth.  What!?  It’s like we’re giving birth to something so big, that it doesn’t just form quickly and come out like other ideas; instead we feel a struggle to get it out, because it’s simply not ready when we feel it should be, and we have to find a way to feel comfortable with it moving and twisting inside of us.
This my friends, is the gestation period. 

How freakin’ great!

Well… freakin’ great when we accept that we’re about to give birth to something deeply profound, and move up to the next level of our existence.

So feeling ‘stuck’ doesn’t mean we’re stuck.  Instead, we’re growing an idea or life shift within us.  If we can rest when we have this realization, we can enjoy the moment, and thus, be relaxed when it’s time to start birthing.

How to get unstuck:

How to get Unstuck Graphic

1.  Feel stuck.  Allow yourself to feel the sticky yuck of stuck.
2.  Meditate.  Which means, actually begin to breathe from this uncomfortable space…. You will feel yourself softening if you GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO DO SO (it’s OK!  You don’t have to be productive all hours of the day and all days of the year.  Actually, it’s healthy not to always be in producing mode.  So just be.  For as long as you need to.  Rest.  Play.  Be!  I endorse this).
3.  Do this exercise.  Sit in front of a mirror, and ask your Soul the following questions, and then listen for an answer:
-What is it you have to say right now?
-What is right in front of my eyes, that I’ve been avoiding or overlooking?
-How are you, dearest self?  Is there anything you need that I’ve not been giving you?
-What do you want most right now?

4.  When you’re ready – truly ready – you’ll become unstuck.  And if you feel absolutely stuck, then start to take action on the small things (even if it’s hard).  Don’t push yourself too hard, but little pushes are often necessary until we become unstuck…. when you sense you’re ready, take action.

Are you ‘pregnant’ with a creation inside of you?  If so, let us know about your journey below in the comment box:  How far along do you feel you are?  What’s gestating within?  And, what are you looking forward to?

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