How singing can save your life

So I admit, I don’t know how singing can save your life.

But I know it can.

Let me explain.

Proof exists in this article from a *Minnesota Newspaper:

 While on a forced march under Nazi troops during the waning months of World War II, Murray Brandys was caught trying to grab what looked like food on the ground.  SS Officers took Brandys to the “Death Commando.”  Facing likely execution, he began to sing.  It saved his life.

“I sang for maybe two minutes,” he wrote in his memoirs.  “I don’t know what song I sang, something in Yiddish, maybe a folk song.  But it was the solo of my life.”

The power of song turned out to be a resonating influence in Brandy’s life.  Afer the war, the Polish-born Holocaust survivor settled in the Twin Cities, raised a family and lived until the age of 86…

Singing was the most important activity to him outside of his family.  Brandys sang in his synagogue choir for more than 60 years…”

How beautiful is this story?

At a time when Nazis killed people for simply breathing, Murray sang.

I don’t know what went on in the Nazi’s minds when they heard his voice, but damn, they probably were on some unconscious level, touched.

I sang in choir with Murray for 5 yrs. before I went to college.  He always sang his bass solos with such otherworldly joy!  I now understand why!

Now, I’m about to share a secret with you.
In the past I’ve had the (morbid) thought:

‘If someone were to attack me, I’ll just start singing opera.’

I want to believe that the attacker would be so surprised, they’d have no idea how to respond, and run away. I’m not planning on testing out my theory, but Murray’s amazing story rang true for me.

For those of us fortunate enough to deal with everyday issues, rather than WWII, these are some ways singing can save your life:

1.  Singing relieves stress.  Try it, for 2 minutes.  And stress is a killer, so sing more!
2.  Singing helps you express yourself.  When you hold in feelings and thoughts, you don’t feel good, and over time this wears on the immune system, so sing more!
3.  Singing creates a vibration in your body that is physically healing, so sing more!
4.  Others are drawn to happy people who sing (it doesn’t matter if you can carry a tune- it matters if you’re confident), and we know that people with good friends and loving mates live longer, so sing more!

Now it’s your turn: 

5.  FILL IN THE BLANK__________________________________.

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And please share this with anyone whose life needs a little – or a lot of – saving.

*Article taken from The Star Tribune, writer credit:  Nicole Norfleet