How not to “croak” on stage!







We all fear that we will “croak” on stage – where the voice cracks:

-the minute we open our mouth
-during the most profound part of our speech
-on our way up to that high note 

Then there’s the non-verbal “croak”:
-tripping over yourself
-feeling your dry mouth or shaky knees
-seeing your crush or mentor in the audience in middle of presenting, causing all kinds of nerves to emerge  

Rookies to the speaking & singing stage fear the “croak” oh so much, while seasoned pros will tell you: “it’s just part of entertaining.”  

Putting yourself in front of a group of people to share your heartfelt message is one of the more vulnerable things you can do in the world.  Numerous studies have actually shown that the majority of people fear public speaking more than dying!

Really?!?  Yes.

So while I’ve got numerous tricks to move past stage fright and anxiety, this blog will be specifically how NOT TO CROAK on stage (you’ll have to read my future blogs to learn the other tricks).  


1.  The first 2o+ times you perform or present, you’ll learn what to do and what not to do.  Some of this you learn by croaking.  
2.  Croaking is part of the learning/growing process and it is not only OK, but it is welcome. 
3.  Once you learn what not to do, you will still croak from time to time.  The voice, like any other instrument, warps, dries out, and is altered by weather & life changes.  
4.  To increase your chances of not croaking:  warm-up your voice, avoid dairy and caffeine before presenting, be prepared, and get enough sleep. 
5.  Since you can’t always avoid the croak, OWN THE CROAK.  
6.  Ways to OWN THE CROAK:  turn it into a yodel, wink at the audience, keep vocalizing directly following the croak with integrity and passion, and- be mindful that you are human and let it go!  
7.  All the celebrities croak.  But we often don’t know because they are experienced croakers, and know how to OWN it.  Again, if you act as if everything is amazing, it is.  If you act as if you messed up, you did.  The audience’s perception is controlled by how you respond to the sounds you make.  SO OWN YOUR CROAK.    

So now I ask you, dear reader:  Do you remember croaking in front of people?  Has it stopped you from sharing your message fully?  Please share your story in the comment box below.  Also let me know, how do you intend to OWN YOUR CROAK? 

Please share this blog with everyone it will inspire.