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Sacred Song Circle

When we sing, our mind calms & our body heals.
When we sing together, connection is felt & our heartbeats literally sync!With gratitude, I invite you to Sacred Song Circles ~
A combination of interactive songs, chants, and ritual
inspired by the pathway to community, musical joy, and well-being.

Sacred Song Circle.png

August 3rd – 7:30-9pm Central Time
August – 24th – 7:30-9pm Central Time

Come to 1 or both!

To RSVP, Email us, and we’ll send you the payment links.
You’ll then get the zoom link and we’re good to go for our circles.

Looking forward to this expansive experience together!

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Sweet Dreams Sound Bath

Dearest You,

I am very happy to invite you to a most soft + luscious space of musical expression, healing, & expansion.

You can show up and receive comfort and healing -and/or- participate + partake in community, singing along during the connection parts. Be as passive or as active as you desire, whilst being present for potent medicinal music. ✨✨

~~*FLOW of the NIGHT*~~

8:45pm- join, connect, set intention, meet ppl
9:02pm- guided meditation
9:08pm- sound bath starts… flow of voice, drum, shruti box, ukulele, Tibetan singing bowls, and chants as you sing along (muted- so no worries about being heard) if desired…
9:45pm- go sleepy ‘nigh nigh,’ or stay and drink tea with me until 10ish

Suggested Donation: $12-36

*RSVP Here, and then pay at:*
Venmo: @Ariella-Forstein

Then you’ll receive the attendance link.

Come as you are~ PJ’s are encouraged, but whatever you’re comfy in is perfection…. Thank you for bringing me into your home, and for joining me in mine. ✨✨


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Shamanic Sound Healing: Group Immersion

Shamanic Sound Healing in a group is a journey into the other realms, to invigorate and advance your healing journey using these different modalities:

-Voice & Drum
-Tibetan Singing Bowls
-Rattle & rhythm
-Reiki (Japanese Energy Healing)
-Group facilitated sounding + processing discussion

Ariella is a Reiki Master Healer & Teacher, is stepping into her role as Priestess, a Vocal Empowerment Coach, and CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) of this company.  She is not herself a Shaman, but has been gifted the opportunity to – through her channeled song and sound vibration – step into the Shamanic realms where she receives visions, information, and wisdom regarding the individual and collective for whom she is praying with her music.

She has been using music to journey into the Shamanic Realms the entire span of her life, but more consciously and intentionally, in sessions with clients, in ceremony, and within her own spiritual practice, for the past 5 years.

She is deeply excited to make this healing journey accessible to more people via group immersions.

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