EarthSounds Choir

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Choir Philosophy

"This is a community choir. You don't need to know music. You just need to have enough of a musical sensibility to learn parts...  

EarthSounds Choir taps into the human spirit.  it focuses on music from different parts of the world, including percussion, body percussion, spiritual though non-religious music, secular music, and attuning our voices to the spirit of the moment through vocal improvisation exercises."  


EarthSounds Choir Invites YOU: 

EarthSounds Choir Community Sing

Come one, come all!

WHAT:  We'll share some songs, and invite you to sing some song with us;
circle songs, popular songs, and singing games for all experience-levels. 
No one has to sing, but everyone is welcome to sing! 

WHEN:  Monday, February 10th, 2020
7:30-8:45pm - leave time for parking

WHERE:  SpringHouse Ministry Center
610 W. 28th St. 
Mpls, MN 55408

FEE:  $5 Suggested Donation at the door

Send us an Email if you have any questions, and see you then! 

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