Don’t give a SH*T!

It happens to the best of us… on our best days.

We care what others think. 

Let’s not fault ourselves for it.  We were trained by society at a young age to act, look, be, and do things a certain way.

Any way outside of what society deems “good” can induce shame, embarrassment, guilt, or fear within the deepest crevices of our minds.

So as an Empowerment Coach who helps people release self-consciousness and confidently SHINE on stage, I see people’s insecurities pop up all the time.

And just as clearly, I catch myself when my own insecurities arise.

For example:  Clients often get self-conscious the moment I ask them to sing or professionally speak in front of me for the first time; no matter their level of experience.

Though I can’t just put this on my clients.

While they’re worrying about what I think of them, I’m often thinking:

“I hope they like how I’m coaching, and that this session is extremely impactful and transformative for them.”

It’s when I release my expectations of their transformation so that I get present with the moment, that I can then best help them let go of their own fears and self-consciousness, thus, transform before their very own eyes.

3 Takeaways from this blog: 

1- While you’re worrying about what others are thinking, others are worrying about what you’re thinking.  We’re all spending too much time worrying, and not enough time BEING ourselves (even the best of us, on our best days)!

2- Practice letting go of expectations of self.  This creates newfound freedoms around our habits, looks, self-expression, and really, every ounce of us!

3- Note that this is a process.  Sometimes it happens over night and other times it happens over the course of time.  Either time segment is perfect. The phrase that resonates with many clients (excuse my French) is:

“Don’t give a shit about what others think!” 

They suddenly GET IT.

The experience of “not giving a shit about what others think” is ours to behold, but can take some time to fully embody.  If we set that intention and allow ourselves to let go of worry, fumble back into worry, let go again, care again, let go again, and then truly let go one more time, our confidence will rise oodles and oodles, enabling us to be the rock stars of our lives!


This is extremely possible!

In the box below, let us know, about what part of your self have you assumed others are thinking?  What would your life be like if you let go of those cares?

Elaborate, please.  It’ll be liberating!

We support you in letting go!!