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Vocal Embodiment coaching

In short:  Holistic + Traditional Voice Lessons + Life Coaching, Combined.

As Coaches, we focus on all aspects of the voice:

-Authentic + honest communication

Working w/ Ariella:

As you speak or sing, Ariella can see, hear, and sense what’s been holding you back physically (i.e. tension in your throat/jaw/breath) and emotionally (unconscious fear, performance anxiety, stuck emotions, childhood trauma, etc.).  She also sees your innate strengths + talents that can be experienced by you, and felt by others, when you move through your blocks.

This coaching process is a combination of technical, somatic, and intuitive elements, depending on what comes forth + is most effective for you. You’re provided with a trauma-aware space to try new things, so that you can uncover, harness, and powerfully align with your voice, expression, soul, and self.


Harness + build your confidence

Trust your expressive and/or musical intuition

Align mind ~ body ~ spirit ~ voice

Technique: Expand vocal range, projection, breath control + enunciation

Strengthen your physical voice

Practice + spend more time in *presence*

Performance, career & life coaching


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Coaching for Performance

Singers, Speakers, Actors, News Broadcasters, Teachers, Podcasters + all who perform in any way ~

You can feel confident coming to us to grow your voice, build healthy projection & breath support, embolden and harness your confidence, for tune ups, and for audition prep.

We help you with specific songs, roles, lines, general voice work, and/or, we also help you with the deeper holdings and blocks that are keeping you stuck or plateaued from the next level of your talent / career. Available with your voice work is also career coaching, self-growth, healing, and confidence-building practices.

Coaching for Business

Business executives, office employees, entrepreneurs: We've worked with CEO's, CFO's, Non-profit leaders, lawyers, HR reps, software architects and technicians, and many others to bolster confidence, authority, and authentically aligned leadership.

We help you step up in your role, and achieve greater balance and professional+personal presence. Contact us to book or inquire about coaching that will help you achieve your desired results.

Coaching for Personal Life

This is for you who want to live more in alignment with expressing your truth through self-expression, your words, and your actions.

AND, In my deep honesty, 18 yrs. of vocal empowerment coaching has led me into the world of helping people with true personal transformational growth.

I really collaborate with my clients, to help you transform your lives by getting in touch with your soul's voice, and claiming your YES, and truest knowing (aka calling).

I've helped people communicate more effectively in their relationships, speak their truth to their boss, and also, move through challenging times, and become more self-actualized.

If you're feeling the curiosity or call to see if working with me - or Greta - would benefit you for any/all purposes above++, reach out.

In truth -- all of the above are connected -- when we enhance the voice and self-expression in one area of life, it also promotes interwoven growth in the other areas.

It's side-affect of choosing growth and change. And that is pretty Awe-Some.


How We Work Together


- Greta, a kind, wise, powerful & seasoned coach, sees clients weekly.

- Ariella, a coach of 18 yrs., and founder of this approach, has a few different coaching formats:

~ 4-week package, once/week.
~ 2 hour immersion, with a 30 minute follow-up.

~ After the initial package is complete, clients come for more coaching as often, or infrequently as they'd like.

Sometimes the initial package is enough.
Sometimes tune-ups are helpful down the line.

If you want to pursue coaching with us, connect here.

Once you've worked through a package, Ariella offers continued sessions if desired.

Selective Apprenticeships exist - 3, 6, 9 or 12 months, only for previous clients or people very aligned with Ariella's modus operandi. Connect to learn more.


"My work with Ariella was life-changing. It had always felt excruciating to sing in front of other people--whether in groups or solo--and I knew that it was related to being witnessed in my authentic voice, period, whether speaking or singing. My work with Ariella was a process of coming into my body and voice while being gently held and guided. It catalyzed a year-long process of coming more authentically into myself than ever before, and it all started through the seemingly small practices of vocal warm ups, call and response, or just making noises with my mouth.

Ariella talks about one of her roles as a coach and guide being to offer unconditional love, and I agree. To listen closely enough to one's body to hear the sounds or movements that want to be expressed and to say YES to them--in spite of whatever fear or shame or other barrier exists there--is an act of unconditional love of the self. To be witnessed and held in that process equally will forever change you.

Ariella's approach is gentle and intuitive, yet powerful. I loved that she let the wild nature of the body and voice lead the way.

People love to hear about tangible outcomes, so here's what changed for me concretely: I joined her choir and sang in a public performance (this was right before the pandemic or else I'd still be singing in choirs), I feel soooo much more comfortable singing publicly, I began creating weekly videos for my coaching business that I posted publicly and actually enjoyed making them, and I began writing and performing stand up comedy publicly."

~ grey D.

"Working with Ariella in both my personal and professional journey was a wonderful experience. I found that Ariella truly cares about her clients and creates a unique program to help them each achieve their desired goals! She brings results through teaching the use of mind, body and soul. I stepped out if my comfort zone to learn new things. I believe my biggest ‘ah ha’ was learning how much my brain holds me back from speaking the way I desire – not my voice!!

I really appreciated the fact that we could have our sessions via Zoom. With my hectic personal and professional life this was a huge time saver. And the weekly “Fun Work” was truly fun!

I would recommend the “Ariella Approach” to anyone looking to learn more about their voice, whether your journey is personal or professional… Or maybe both like mine!!"

~ Miki, Corporate President

"Hi Ariella, I gave my 3 presentations today at the conference. Best ratings ever! Normally avg. 3.9/5.0. This time 4.5/5.0. No monotone comments - content was great as usual. I used the Vocal WarmUp Essentials, affirmations, and your other suggestions for how to present and prepare to present - all went well. Just wanted to say thank you!!"

~ DF