Ariella Approach Coaches


We are thrilled to extend our reach with these carefully selected, highly valued and skilled, and simultaneously, naturally talented coaches. After speaking with you, and ascertaining a great match, Ariella will match you up with the coach most suited for you, whether it be Ariella, or Greta!  

We’re excited to get to know you and to work with you!


Ariella Forstein

Ariella, founder and CEO of The Ariella Approach, works privately with clients who are interested in deep immersions into the mind-body-spirit-voice. She also trains coaches, provides trainings for corporate events, and works with private groups (i.e. non-profit and religious organizations, artistic ensembles, teachers, and businesses), directs choirs, serves her community with spiritual guidance and wisdom, facilitates rituals for different life cycle occasions, and is the creative business mogul behind the programs, products, and projects here.

Ariella loves helping people realize their innate power of self-expression, moving through the ‘tough stuff’, opening to self-acceptance and love, and finding the confidence that comes with getting in touch with who we really are. You can find her full bio here.


Greta Melcher

Greta is a singer/songwriter and certified Vocal Empowerment Coach through The Ariella Approach, who works with singers, speakers, and anyone interested in moving through throat chakra blocks to find their authentic voice and nurture heartfelt communication, creativity, and self-expression. She sees most of our clients who want weekly sessions.  Through breath and vocal techniques, and intuitive, client-oriented vocal coaching, she helps singers and speakers connect to their high-vibrating selves to open up into freer and clearer self-expression and personal resonance.

Greta has her BFA in Music from California Institute of the Arts, where she studied singing, composition, guitar, music theory, ear training, experimental music, and world music. Her coaching style blends her knowledge of western psychology, eastern healing modalities (including a certificate in Ayurveda and continued Feng Shui studies), songwriting, and music from all over the globe to guide you through your own vocal journey and deepen your connection to your voice.