How to Change

I wouldn’t say CHANGING – either thought patterns or habits – is easy, but I’m clear that both you and I can choose to change any time.

Evolving as a human takes self-discipline and self-love.

How do I know so much about change?

As a Vocal Empowerment Coach, I work with people’s minds just as much as, if not more than their voices.  I’ve also been on a path of spiritual growth and evolving consciously for 11 years.

I’ve metamorphosed numerous times, and have been fortunate to watch many others change in small and large ways.


In my commitment to self-growth, and to guiding others through it, here’s what I’ve learned about CHANGING and EVOLVING:

1- It takes a minimum of 21 days to shift a neural pathway in the brain – responsible for how we think and act – from taking one course, to creating a new one. However, most of us shy away from switching to a new habit (such as exercise or meditation) or thought pattern (such as self-love rather than self-loathing) after 1-2 weeks of trying to develop our new habit. Thus, in the moments of wanting to ‘give up’ because it’s uncomfortable, it’s important to be gentle with ourselves, AND stay the course.
2- Patience: I cannot change overnight, and attempting to do so is crazy-making. So patience is really really important.
3- Self-love, self-trust, self-respect: All integral to evolving as humans.
4- A support system is also really helpful. I have friends I can call, and also people I can ask to help hold me accountable to myself.  Reach out and ask for support in ways that feel comfortable to you.  Be willing to take a risk when asking.  Most people in our lives want to support us!
5- Faith: Whether it be in G!d or in self, or both, faith and trust are deeply important on the path of self-growth.
6- Flexible Timelines: It’s great to have goals. They enable us to get from point A to point B. But sometimes things evolve in their own time, and if it doesn’t happen in the time our mind has devised for it, it’s good to remember that as long as we ‘stay the course,’ and are open to variations of outcomes that will benefit who we are, it will absolutely happen.
7- Unlimited Expectation: While it’s good to have specific goals, it’s also good to be open to shifting into someone even more wondrous than we could imagine. An open mind + open heart are a winning combo.
8- Letting go:  I mean letting go in two different ways. The first, being letting go of expectations, and allowing yourself to simply be with whatever outcome occurs.

The second, is letting go of the concept of self. What do I mean by that? Remembering that all of who you know yourself to be has been sculpted by your mind in response to society, to how you were raised, and to the world around you + whatever innate wisdom you feel you have (soul, source, etc.).

For a moment, consider ‘letting go’ of your interests, your thoughts, the titles that define you (Mr., Mrs., Dr., student, teacher, citizen, even… your name.) Breathe for a moment, having let go of your whole identity. Simply feel your breath from this selfless place for a moment.

To get clear on who we desire to become, it is healthy and helpful to sometimes to let go of who we created ourselves to be; to remember that our current self-identity is a construct of our very elaborate minds.

This experience also connects us to the oneness that is…

And this perspective, that separates the ego from the self, makes changing and evolving deeply possible.

Desire to change and evolve?
Want to become a new you?
Want to set New Year’s Resolutions and see them through?
You can do this.

I believe in me.
And I believe in you.
Stay the course.

Please connect below and let me know:  What is one of the ways you’ve clearly changed and evolved in your life, and what do you remember being helpful in the transformation?

You may also share your New Year’s Resolutions.  The sharing of them for other’s to witness is often powerful in their unfolding.