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You have to let it be messy before it can be masterful.

You have to let it be messy before it can be masterful. Meaning: Let’s use voice as a medium. Though this is true with all mediums of life- If your voice is tight/held/blocked, and you’re trying to apply correct technique, style and emotion, it’s just gonna make it harder, hurt more, and feel so fabricated…

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Self-Acceptance Into Self-Love 
(D’var Torah)

I haven’t blogged in AGES. And, I recently lead services as Hazzan (Cantor) at a lovely California synagogue. The theme of the sermons was based upon the Serenity prayer- Accepting the things we cannot change… I gave a short D’var Torah (sermon)- About Self-Love- Self-Acceptance, and the journey to both…! Here it is:  —————— You…

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How to Relax During Vocal Warm-Ups

Because vocal warm-ups take practice and self-discipline, we often put pressure on ourselves to “get it right,” when the purpose of warming up is the exact opposite; a space and time for our voices to stretch, be imperfect, and for us to try things!  When warming up, don’t try to be perfect.  Let your voice…

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Confessions of a Songstress

Press “play” to hear Ariella narrate this blog: Let me be frank with you. I’m a professional songstress and a vocal empowerment coach, and I do not warm up my voice every day. However, my voice is in great shape, my range is wide, and I can do well with little preparation the day of a…

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Gentle Vocal Warm-Ups for Morning

Press “play” to hear Ariella narrate this blog:   I’m not a morning person!  I wake up with big hair, tired eyes, and the need for time and space to stretch into my day. I truly admire those of you bounce out of bed. But regardless of loving morning or not, none of us are equipped to…

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