Singing with Bobby McFerrin

It was an awesome weekend.

I’ve recently reevaluated what is most important to me.  When I asked myself why I was experiencing challenge, I immediately heard my inner voice say:
“Make singing your priority.”  

Singing is my joy, my medicine and my ecstasy, and really must be a main focus.

I finally let it be known (sharing publicly to my 4,000+ Facebook friends) that I was prioritizing singing.  It felt great to acknowledge this need!

Seeing my musical role model, Bobby McFerrin, perform is also important to me.  And it just so happened that the evening after I made this proclamation, I attended his concert at Minneapolis’s newly refurbished Orchestra Hall.

As luck – or manifestation – would have it, I ended up on stage with him.

Ariella and Bobby McFerrin at Orchestra Hall 024

This fulfilled a dream I had for 10 years!

Harmonizing with my musical hero in front of 2000 people felt downright wonderful and aligned with who I am.

We improvised “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands,” Puccini’s “O Mio Babbino Caro,” and a song in Hebrew that I improvised along with the band, at his request.  We had a humorous back and forth that had the audience LOL’ing (it felt amazing to make 2,000 people laugh).

I was able to sneak words of gratitude to him for being an incredible person + role model into the song; it was improvisation, afterall.

On the way back to my seat I heard a thunderous, enthusiastic applause!  Wow!  I was on fire the rest of the night.

At the end of the concert Bobby had a Q&A session and someone asked:
“What advice would you give to a multi-passionate young person?”

Check out his answer and see why I love this man:

“Follow your dreams, and always dream BIG.  Approach life as if you’re living your dream, NOW.”

I’ve been creating and living my dreams for 10 years.  And one of these dreams was to sing in front of thousands with Bobby….

Someone then asked Bobby, “What is your next dream?” He answered:

Does anyone know James Taylor?  I would like to sing backup for or harmony with him.”

How brilliant that a famous singer still dreams of singing with another famous singer!  I believe he will!

I have found out that in life, when we dream big, take action toward the dreams, have a strong belief that we will live them, and seize opportunities when they arise, our dreams can and do come true!

Ariella and Bobby McFerrin at Orchestra Hall 030


In the box below, please share YOUR DREAM…
What is your biggest dream?  Be elaborate with detail, and enjoy the art of writing it out!

I see it happening for you!