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5 Routes to Rockin’ Your Stage Presence

After being on 400+ stages around the world (wow, I can barely believe it!), and coaching hundreds of performers and presenters, I’ve learned a thing or 5 about being present, being captivating, and bringing out my truest self on stage. Some of these qualities are developed over time, with practice, while others are at my…

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Don’t give a SH*T!

It happens to the best of us… on our best days. We care what others think.  Let’s not fault ourselves for it.  We were trained by society at a young age to act, look, be, and do things a certain way. Any way outside of what society deems “good” can induce shame, embarrassment, guilt, or…

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Singing with Bobby McFerrin

It was an awesome weekend. I’ve recently reevaluated what is most important to me.  When I asked myself why I was experiencing challenge, I immediately heard my inner voice say: “Make singing your priority.”   Singing is my joy, my medicine and my ecstasy, and really must be a main focus. I finally let it be…

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Instant Gratification: The GOOD Kind

I’ve used to have a less-than-savory relationship with the words “instant gratification.”  I was raised by society to think they’d make me gluttonous, and an empty, selfish person. And there’s some truth to that, as some of the instantly gratifying experiences can quickly turn into addiction (i.e. drugs, alcohol, shopping, sex, Facebook, etc.), and it’s…

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Getting Past Anxiety

Disclaimer:  This is not medical treatment for anxiety, but an approach to take when your anxiety is not severe.  If your anxiety inhibits your ability to function, or if you have an extreme medical concern, seek treatment from a medical professional right away. Anxiety is a gift.                 …

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