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How to Relax During Vocal Warm-Ups

Because vocal warm-ups take practice and self-discipline, we often put pressure on ourselves to “get it right,” when the purpose of warming up is the exact opposite; a space and time for our voices to stretch, be imperfect, and for us to try things!  When warming up, don’t try to be perfect.  Let your voice […]

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Confessions of a Songstress

Press “play” to hear Ariella narrate this blog: Let me be frank with you. I’m a professional songstress and a vocal empowerment coach, and I do not warm up my voice every day. However, my voice is in great shape, my range is wide, and I can do well with little preparation the day of a […]

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Gentle Vocal Warm-Ups for Morning

Press “play” to hear Ariella narrate this blog:   I’m not a morning person!  I wake up with big hair, tired eyes, and the need for time and space to stretch into my day. I truly admire those of you bounce out of bed. But regardless of loving morning or not, none of us are equipped to […]

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A BlesSing for YOU

What is a BlesSing?   It’s a gift, a message, a note for you… To invigorate your soul. To inspire you. To remind you of who you really, truly are.   BlesSings can come in many forms:  poetry, prose, song… a smile. This BlesSing reads like a loving note, and it’s for the singers, the […]

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How to Get Unstuck

Press “play” to hear Ariella narrate this blog: Do you feel stuck now, or recently? It’s common. How does it happen? We’re going along with our lives creating art, music, writing, business material, or simply implementing ideas into our wildly interesting life, and then… boom!   We come to a halt. And are utterly, totally stuck. It’s suddenly […]

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