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Ariella Forstein (AKA The Songstress Priestess) is a Vocal Empowerment Coach & Professional Singer who's performed on over 400 stages.

As a baby, I'd stand up in the crib late at night and coo. My grandmother would say, "Club Ariella's open!" With a desire to sing and express myself, I found myself excelling in all things music; first, training for my Bat Mitzvah, where the Cantor took me under his wing and taught me extra challenging cantorial melodies. And then in public school, my choir director encouraged me to take voice lessons, which enabled me to excel in state-wide competitions.

Though incredibly shy, I found a beautiful liberation on the stage, so I worked through my shyness to pursue what I loved.

One of my favorite spots to be – home – is on stage.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts at The Ohio State University's School of music, with an emphasis in Vocal Performance, and a thesis in Ethnomusicology, inspired by my study abroad summer in Ghana, West Africa!

Then I moved L.A., where I started the world music band, Yeh Dede. Working with numerous musicians, including Moira Smiley and VOCO, and The Yuval Ron Ensemble, I toured the country. I have also had the pleasure of singing on some pretty wonderful film scores.

I've been coaching since 2006, and started including coaching speakers in addition to singers, in 2009, when I began my own public speaking career. I adore working with groups their dynamics, to help them experience themselves in a new light, which leads to building steadfast self-confidence & wonderful team dynamics.

Here's my TEDx Talk from 2016, after which I won a Minnesota Emerging Composer's Award via The American Composer's Forum, for which I wrote a number of world music electronica tunes.

I am grateful for my colorful, expansive, and always-keeping-me-on-my-toes, creative life.

I want to help you harness the power of your voice and presence, and at the end of the day, I believe doing so, comes down to:

'What is your heart's yearning? What do you ache for?'

Be in touch if I can help you build what you desire to live, in your lifetime.

And for more about my Approach, listen to my MANIFESTO.

When not working, I love being in nature, laughing with friends, and hand blending teas.