Your Voice is Beautiful

I’m serious!

I couldn’t be more serious, actually.

In our culture where “American Idol” and “Glee” set the standard for good singing, many of us forget that we too can sing.  We have been silenced in our past by a teacher, sibling, friend, peer, or even a parent who at some memorable point in our lives said:

-“Stop singing!  You’ll break glass.”
-“You have a terrible voice.”
-“Keep your day job.”
-“You’re tone deaf!”

Regardless of the words (and all they are, are words), the message crushes our ego, and we then gain a negative feeling in association with our singing, especially in front of other people.  Without hesitation we convince ourselves that our voice is bad and that this is the truth.

From this moment forth, we recite the mantra:
“I can’t sing.”

Let me tell you something you may not believe, and have likely never before heard:


You may have stored it in your so-called “closet” years ago with your tie-died socks, scrunchies and slap bracelets (man, those were fun!).  You may even take it out for the alcohol-induced “I Will Survive,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” – a personal favorite – or a tear-jerking Celine Dion song during Karaoke.

But let us talk about our naked voice.

We all have one.

We each have a voice with a distinct and unique tone, texture, and vibe- if you will.

And who is ANYONE to tell us that it sucks?

Now, if you want to be on Broadway or a pop star, there will be study and hard work involved.  And some types of singing come a lot easier and more naturally to some than others.  But, forget them for a moment.


Take a deep breath, close your eyes and just hum one simple note.

Hum a whole song if you’d like.

THIS is your voice.



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