5 Routes to Rockin’ Your Stage Presence

After being on 400+ stages around the world (wow, I can barely believe it!), and coaching hundreds of performers and presenters, I’ve learned a thing or 5 about being present, being captivating, and bringing out my truest self on stage.

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Some of these qualities are developed over time, with practice, while others are at my core from the start.  

As we get comfortable taking off the masks society tells us to wear, our real essence – our truest self – radiates through, making us literally SHINE on stage (and in life, ’cause that’s a stage too)! 🙂

You know how some people literally have a spark of light in there eyes?
That’s the kind of shining I’m talkin’ about!

True inspiration isn’t created.  It flows through our beings when the facade is lifted, and our innate wisdom is allowed to shine through! 

So these 5 routes to our best stage presence take both practice, and uncovering. I know some of you’ve got some of these down, already.  Awesomeness.

And, if you desire to the best performer or presenter you can be, take heed of this gold, and allow yourself to shine.


1.  Don’t give a Sh*t about what anyone else thinks! 
2.  If you get nervous, it’s OK!  Use your nerves by consciously channeling them into the intentional energy you use to perform.  How do you do that? Practice.  The more you do it with intention, the more you’ll learn how to do it, and what works, and doesn’t work for you.  I know this:  You can do it!
3.  Allow yourself to be fully vulnerable.  The best performers are!
4.  Be willing to fall, to falter, and to make a mistake (the best performances are imperfect ones, real, and fully in the moment).
5.  When it comes from the heart, your audience will instantly connect with you.  It matters very little what you do or say, or how you sound from that point forth… Your audience will be feeling good, and a true love fest will be co-created between them and you.  It’ll be a heart-centered event to remember.


In the box below, please tell me:  What are your biggest challenges and accomplishments as a performer/presenter?  I’d love to hear!

Pass along this blog to the performers and presenters in your life.
They’ll love you for it.  Thank you!