Ariella Aproach

Vocal Empowerment + Embodiment Coaching

Call forth, harness, and liberate your voice & self-expression.

People who’ve benefited from Ariella’s offerings are:

Singers, speakers, actors, entrepreneurs, business professionals + execs, podcasters & news broadcasters,
professors & teachers, those afraid to speak/sing, and also those who LOVE to shine...

And, those who seek a deeper connection with their *inner voice*.

Working with us will enhance your confidence, strengthen your physical voice,
and enable you to feel connected to that deep sense of *inner presence*
for the stage/studio, business, relationships, and all walks of life.

When we grow our voice for one area of life, it interweaves with the others...

It's all connected.

"We're all walking each other home." ~Ram Dass

Ariella Forstein, The Songstress Priestess & Vocal Embodiment Coach, shows us how everyone can sing, and that the act of
learning to accept, and love your voice, and also your whole self, enables true self-confidence and well being to soar.

Ariella is more than a music coach…she is a healer who uses music to connect people to their souls. I started my sessions with Ariella knowing nothing about music. I was a business executive who had given up singing at age 7, thinking that music was not “manly”. Now, after 6 months of one-on-one sessions and workshops, I barely recognize myself. I am more open, more free, and without a doubt more effective. Ariella has opened in me a universe I never thought existed: One of free expression and joy! If you want to grow into who you truly are, take a chance and SING!


KC Hildreth

As a baseball radio broadcaster, my voice is my livelihood. Ariella and I focused our work primarily on breathing. She has terrific insight into how to use your diaphragm when speaking in a public setting. After working with her, I feel confident and vocally prepared for a 162 game season.

Cory Provus