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Ariella’s voice and performing presence are utterly infectious. My 2-year-old son will only listen to two albums. Bob Dylan’s ‘Blood on the Tracks’ and ‘Freedom’ by Ariella’s group Yeh Dede. and is a bit more sophisticated. He listens to 3 CDs. But he always reaches for ‘Freedom’ first. Thank you Ariella for helping to keep my family dancing.

I really enjoyed what Ariella had to say and share with us. Her energy was calming and confident and she introduced some concepts from a different perspective other than the SAI culture; i.e., the vocal improvisation techniques and leadership. She had good thoughts on communicating, marketing, and some of our other challenges.

She instilled in us the concept of ‘risking and failing’ as all part of the ‘practice’ of what we do as leaders…and that all of those experiences are ‘learning’ opportunities for us.

I loved her techniques with the guided relaxation she did with us. I personally have been wanting to do that with choruses as a way to unify the energy of everyone on the risers. I loved her technique of bringing the energy back up after the relaxation with arm movements involving breath.

So, I really enjoyed meeting her and being a part of the kooky vocal improv stuff, too! Women come to our choruses to not only sing but to also ‘express’ themselves…that’s just implied when you say you want to sing, right?….so, for me, I think the vocal improv stuff is an extension of expression and people can connect with it….given some chances at it!

I appreciated the chance to be a part of this and felt it gave me new concepts/tools to think about.


I can only say WOW!  I loved her presentation. I thought it was to the point and helpful on an issue that affects almost all or all of our members (stage fright). The musical exercises that she did with us are great tools for chorus retreats or music schools.